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TIES Exceptional Teacher Award Letter

12/10/2006 11:00:34 PM
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Development of professional presentations regarding electronic learning tools (e.g. TIES Conference, eFolio Summit)

Points of Light Award

Given by the St. Louis Park Schools Board in recognition for receiving the TIES Exceptional Teacher Award for technology intergration.

TIES Exceptional Teacher Award

The TIES Exceptional Teacher Award is designed to honor individuals in every member district, TIES established this program to recognize teachers who effectively integrate technology in their classroom and engage students in learning.

Thomas Odermatt, Susan Lindgren Intermediate Center

Thomas Odermatt sees technology as integrated into the classroom as a learning tool, not as an end. Toward that goal, he has worked on numerous initiatives with students and teachers. One of those initiatives is his work on Online Portfolios to Support Developing Writers. An online portfolio is an Internet-based tool that encourages creativity and engagement in writing; a writing place that students can access from home or any web-based computer; an accessible window into the writing classroom for the parent and families learning community that allows supporting adults to help students through feedback; a process approach to writing; a theater that creates audience to help students develop as writers; and an ongoing collection that allows others to easily see a student's writing development over many years. Currently, universities such as Hamline in St. Paul are beginning to require online portfolios for new students. Thomas has shown incredible leadership and innovation in integrating this process with 5th- and 6th-grade students as part of his writing program.

Session Description

This session is designed for K-12 educators wishing to incorporate eFolio into their learning
activities and projects. It highlights the process of taking strategic plans, state and national standards, and other initiatives such as the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and use them to guide the learning process using eFolios. The workshop will use the work of a 5th grade class and show how to design portfolio set-ups and questionnaires to serve as tools to guide and monitor student progress, manage student progress towards achieving long-term goals by using sponsor level tools, provide opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and provide meaningful feedback to encourage improvements, and collect and assess student work through indexes of submission and keep records of those assessments.

The Electronic Portfolio: A Mirror and a Map

The Electronic Portfolio: A Mirror and a Map

Practical Approaches for Learning, Reflection, Assessment and Professional Development

Live C-Band and MnSAT Digital Network Satellite Broadcast

April 19, 2006

The use of electronic portfolios in education and professional development are revolutionizing the way students and educators learn, reflect, and evaluate. This broadcast will provide you with practical stories from students and educators in elementary schools, colleges, and universities that have successfully integrated e-portfolio technology into their curriculum. National experts will also present related research and field questions during the show.

This program will:

Provide virtual field trips to experience the best practices using electronic portfolios
Demonstrate the use of new electronic portfolio tools for interviewing and assessment
Connect the examples to findings from the National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio research and future research around documenting out-of-classroom learning
Enable you to participate with the panelists live during the question and answer sessions

Who Should Attend?

College faculty, Staff and Students, Business Executives and Personnel, Government Employees

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