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 "In my 20 years of education research I have never seen a better example of learning in action.  These students are doing things that we dream our college students could do."

David Arendale, Associate Professor, History & Higher Education and Co-Director, Jandris Center for Innovative Higher Education. Author of "Access at the Crossroads: Learning Assistance in Higher Education

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Electronic Portfolios in the Elementary Classroom

In my classroom students collect, digitize, and post evidence of their learning using the eFolio online portfolio application. They publish photos, essays, booklists, reflections, artwork, final projects - any evidence that shows their growth and understanding as learners. This happens on an ongoing basis, with some students working on their portfolio almost daily to update the content. Each student portfolio is password protected and can only be viewed by visitors who have been granted access, such as the teachers, parents, relatives, and friends.

eFolio allows students, parents, and teachers to reflect deeply on the learning process and, as a result, serves as a guide to continuous improvement. Part of the power of an online portfolio is that students choose their best work and invite a wider audience to view and respond to it.  Because it broadens the feedback students are receiving, it provides increased motivation and encourages deeper engagement.  Student work is not just for the teacher to assess, but demonstrates to others their growth as learners.

For the past several years students in Mike Farrell's, Amanda Manning's, and my 5th and 6th grade classrooms have used electronic portfolios to showcase their academic growth. We wanted to integrate authentic use of technology in the classroom and develop better systems of monitoring, evaluating, and promoting student learning.

The Electronic Portfolio: A Mirror and a Map

The Electronic Portfolio: A Mirror and a Map

Practical Approaches for Learning, Reflection, Assessment and Professional Development

Live C-Band and MnSAT Digital Network Satellite Broadcast

April 19, 2006

The use of electronic portfolios in education and professional development are revolutionizing the way students and educators learn, reflect, and evaluate. This broadcast will provide you with practical stories from students and educators in elementary schools, colleges, and universities that have successfully integrated e-portfolio technology into their curriculum. National experts will also present related research and field questions during the show.

This program will:

Provide virtual field trips to experience the best practices using electronic portfolios
Demonstrate the use of new electronic portfolio tools for interviewing and assessment
Connect the examples to findings from the National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio research and future research around documenting out-of-classroom learning
Enable you to participate with the panelists live during the question and answer sessions

Who Should Attend?

College faculty, Staff and Students, Business Executives and Personnel, Government Employees


Managing Student Portfolios - Screen Images

Portfolio Project About

Portfolios Classroom Video

Portfolios Classroom Video
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